Submission Policy

Submission rules:

  1. Visuals & Voices of Students is open to anyone, regardless of experience level, who wants to submit photos, videos or podcasts.
  2. Entrants must agree to have allow their names published as bylines/credit. No anonymous work.
  3. Entrants own the copyright of their work. We will only publish the work one time. Credit is given for every submission.
  4. Entrants must read and agree to the Ethics Policy.
  5. Email submissions via the Contact Us page.

Types of work that will be accepted:

  • Still photography
  • Photo galleries
  • Video stories
  • Podcasts
  • Cell phone slideshows, like Steller: Submit embed code.

Still photo submissions must meet the following specifications:

  • Must be uploaded in jpg format
  • Should be saved with a medium to high quality
  • Images should be no more than 8 inches in height or width
  • Galleries with more than five images should be zipped and sent through Google Drive.
  • Each photo must have caption information: (where was the photo taken, who is in the photo, when was the photo taken, what is happening in the photo). Some photos will require more information than others.
  • Content of photos cannot be altered or manipulated in any way, except for cropping, or minor adjustments in exposure toning or color correction.