Introducing artist Jym Shipman: The Diamond in the Rough strip

The Cast Landscape 2016
The cast of Diamond in the Rough, featuring Brandon Diamond, center.
Jym Shipman

Visuals and Voices of Toledo is excited to introduce its first regular contributor.

Sylvania resident and cartoonist Jym Shipman has graciously agreed to share his comic strip, Diamond in the Rough, with our readers. Jym will have his own page, and will post two or more new comic strips a week on his page (see Pages in the Sidebar Menu).

Diamond in the Rough is a comic strip about a young gay man (Brandon Diamond) as he navigates his way through life, love and family.

Jym is a local boy, born and raised in Toledo, and has a BFA from the University of Toledo. He is an established photographer and mixed media artist.

He began drawing comics at the age of six while hospitalized for several years with various illnesses.

“I was like a bubble boy living in an oxygen tent, and I couldn’t leave the tent, so I created my own world within the tent. I had paper, crayons and plenty of Lego,” Shipman recalled. “With those tools, I created the cast of characters that I still use today.”

He and his husband, Don Weiler, also have the great distinction of being the first gay newlyweds in Toledo. They were the first in line to be married at the Lucas County Courthouse on June 26, 2015, the same day the Supreme Court allowed gay marriage throughout the country.

We hope you enjoy the stories from the cast of Diamond in the Rough.

You can also view the latest episodes on Facebook:


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